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Grenoside Primary

Science Enrichment Activities

To help us to make meaningful links across the curriculum and to science in the real world, we try to provide a range of opportunities for children to experience STEM activities that go beyond the national curriculum requirements.

Lemon Batteries

To help us with our work on electricity and to understand the importance of the development of batteries, we invited a STEM Ambassador to one of our remote lessons to help us to make lemon batteries.



Click on the picture below to take you to a YouTube video about how to make a lemon battery. 


The Royal Academy of Engineering provided some packs of resources 'This is Engineering Entertainment' which included these amazing little bugs.  

The Y4s investigated making different coloured light using the primary colours of light. Did you know you can make white light from red, blue and green light? Children explored different percentages of each light colour to find out what each combination made.