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Medical Needs

Please make sure that school is kept up to date with any medical needs your child may have so we can ensure the school support them to access the full curriculum and do the best we can for your child.

If your child has an identified medical need please let us know at the beginning of each school year or if anything changes with the medical condition or medication.  It may be necessary to write a care plan to ensure that we can fully support you child.  

This information will be kept in confidence.

Children should not normally bring medicines to school. If a child needs medication during the day, parents are asked to either keep their child at home until the course has been completed or if the child is fit enough for school; time the doses to align with the school day (if possible); or come into school and administer the medication themselves (e.g. lunch-times).

Please do consider if your child is well enough to be in school.

Where it has been agreed, in exceptional circumstances, the school will administer medication however the parent / carer must agree and complete relevant documents in advance.

Please see our Medicines in school policy here.


If your child is absent from school with an infectious illness e.g. chicken pox please let us know so we can notify people as necessary.

Occasionally children become ill during the school day.  For this reason it is important that we have up to date contact information.

If you have any queries around medication for your child please contact the office staff and we will be happy to help.