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Expectations by Year Group

Targets in History



History Targets - A Year 1 Historian                        

I can use words and phrases like: old, new and a long time ago.

I can recognise that some objects belonged to the past.

I can explain how I have changed since I was born.

I can explain how some people have helped us to have better lives.

I can ask and answer questions about old and new objects.

I can spot old and new things in a picture.

I can explain what an object from the past might have been used for.

 History Targets - A Year 2 Historian

I can use words and phrases like: before, after, past, present, then and now.

I can recount the life of someone famous from Britain who lived in the past. I can explain what they did 

 earlier and what they did later.

I can give examples of things that were different when my grandparents were children.

I can find out things about the past by talking to an older person.

I can answer questions using books and the internet.

I can research the life of a famous person from the past using different sources of evidence.

 History Targets - A Year 3 Historian

I can describe events from the past using dates when things happened.

I can use a timeline within a specific period of history to set out the order that things may have happened.

I can use my mathematical knowledge to work out how long ago events happened.

I can explain some of the times when Britain has been invaded.

I can use research skills to find answers to specific historical questions.

I can research in order to find similarities and differences between two or more periods of history.

 History Targets - A Year 4 Historian

I can plot events on a timeline using centuries.

I can use my mathematical skills to round up time differences into centuries and decades.

I can explain how the lives of wealthy people were different from the lives of poorer people.

I can explain how historic items and artefacts can be used to help build up a picture of life in the past.

I can explain how an event from the past has shaped our life today.

I can research two versions of an event and explain how they differ.

I can research what it was like for children in a given period of history and present my findings to an audience.

 History Targets - A Year 5 Historian

I can draw a timeline with different historical periods showing key historical events or lives of significant


I can compare two or more historical periods; explaining things which changed and things which stayed

the same.

I can explain how Parliament affects decision making in England.

I can explain how our locality has changed over time.

I can test out a hypothesis in order to answer questions.

I can describe how crime and punishment has changed over a period of time.

 History Targets - A Year 6 Historian

I can place features of historical events and people from the past societies and periods in a chronological


I can summarise the main events from a period of history, explaining the order of events and what happened.

I can summarise how Britain has had a major influence on the world.

I can summarise how Britain may have learnt from other countries and civilizations (historically and

more recently).

I can identify and explain differences, similarities and changes between different periods of history.

I can identify and explain propaganda.

I can describe a key event from Britain’s past using a range of evidence from different sources.

I can describe the features of historical events and way of life from periods I have studied; presenting

to an audience.