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Expectations by Year Group

Targets in Music


Music Targets - A Year 1 Musician                          

I can use my voice to speak, sing and chant.

I can use instruments to perform.

I can clap short rhythmic patterns.

I can make different sounds with my voice and with instruments.

I can repeat short rhythmic and melodic patterns.

I can make a sequence of sounds.

I can respond to different moods in music.

I can say whether I like or dislike a piece of music.

I can choose sounds to represent different things.

I can follow instructions about when to play and sing.

 Music Targets - A Year 2 Musician  

I can sing and follow a melody.

I can perform simple patterns and accompaniments keeping a steady pulse.

I can play simple rhythmic patterns on an instrument.

I can sing or clap increasing and decreasing tempo.

I can order sounds to create a beginning, middle and an end.

I can create music in response to different starting points.

I can choose sounds which create an effect.

I can use symbols to represent sounds.

I can make connections between notations and musical sounds.

I can listen out for particular things when listening to music.

I can improve my own work.

 Music Targets - A Year 3 Musician  

I can sing a tune with expression.

I can play clear notes on instruments.

I can use different elements in my composition.

I can create repeated patterns with different instruments.

I can compose melodies and songs.

I can create accompaniments for tunes.

I can combine different sounds to create a specific mood or feeling.

I can use musical words to describe a piece of music and compositions.

I can use musical words to describe what I like and do not like about a piece of music.

I can recognise the work of at least one famous composer.

I can improve my work; explaining how it has been improved.

 Music Targets - A Year 4 Musician  

I can perform a simple part rhythmically.

I can sing songs from memory with accurate pitch.

I can improvise using repeated patterns.

I can use notation to record and interpret sequences of pitches.

I can use notation to record compositions in a small group or on my own.

I can explain why silence is often needed in music and explain what effect it has.

I can identify the character in a piece of music.

I can identify and describe the different purposes of music.

I can begin to identify the style of work of Beethoven, Mozart and Elgar.

 Music Targets - A Year 5 Musician  

I can breathe in the correct place when singing.

I can maintain my part whilst others are performing their part.

I can improvise within a group using melodic and rhythmic phrases.

I can change sounds or organise them differently to change the effect.

I can compose music which meets specific criteria.

I can use notation to record groups of pitches (chords).

I can use my music diary to record aspects of the composition process.

I can choose the most appropriate tempo for a piece of music.

I can describe, compare and evaluate music using musical vocabulary.

I can explain why I think music is successful or unsuccessful.

I can suggest improvement to my own work and that of others.

I can contrast the work of a famous composer and explain my preferences.

 Music Targets - A Year 6 Musician  

I can sing in harmony confidently and accurately.

I can perform parts from memory.

I can take the lead in a performance.

I can use a variety of different musical devices in my composition (including melody, rhythms and chords).

I can evaluate how the venue, occasion and purpose affects the way a piece of music is created.

I can analyse features within different pieces of music.

I can compare and contrast the impact that different composers from different times have had on people of that time.