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Grenoside Primary

Home and Remote Learning

The information on this page concerns Home Learning as regular homework as well as Remote Learning should your child need to isolate from school.


Google Classroom

At Grenoside we use Google Classroom to support our Home and Remote learning.

Google Classroom is a secure platform which only children belonging to the school, with current passwords, can access.  In each classroom there is a stream that children can comment on. They can ask questions of their fellow pupils and teachers, but they unable to create new posts. For instance, they can comment on an assignment that has been posted to them if they need help or guidance on what to do next. This way they can use Google Classroom as a safe place for them to communicate with their peers in a safer way.

Home Learning and Remote Learning

Teachers will post regular homework on here.   As well, teachers will post assignments and links to suitable websites to support some research tasks to reduce the need to look elsewhere for information. Additionally, children can also comment individually on a piece of work as they submit it. Teachers can then feedback directly to students on that particular piece of work and list any areas they have excelled in or areas to look at again, providing instant feedback. 

This can be accessed by parents when their child needs to be away from school but is well enough to learn or in occasions when school leaders decide that it is not possible for the setting to open safely.

Notifications for Google Classroom can be turned on on parents' devices should you wish to.  Please see the document here.

In the main, we ask parents and carers to please continue to encourage your child to read regularly (or be read to), practise key spellings and multiplication tables.  You may also refer to your child's latest report to work on some targets.

Your child's 'Can you...?' challenge sheets are still available via the Year Group tabs on the school website and offer a range activities to do as well.

Additionally, we have uploaded '100 Things To Do Before You Leave Primary School' for ideas and activities.  Please be aware that some ideas may not always be appropriate for your family's circumstances.


We understand this is a different way of working so if you having any issues or have a query about Google Classroom, please email parents@grenoside.sheffield.sch.uk FAO your child's class teacher.  Please be patient with this line of communication but we will try to respond in a timely fashion.


Home Learning Policy

Remote Education Policy