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Expectations by Year Group

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 1 Designer

I can use my own ideas to make something.

I can describe how something works.

I can cut food safely.

I can make a product which moves.

I can make my model stronger.

I can explain to someone else how I want to make my product.

I can choose appropriate resources and tools.

I can make a simple plan before making.

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 2 Designer

I can think of an idea and plan what to do next.

I can choose tools and materials and explain why I have chosen them.

I can join materials and components in different ways.

I can explain what went well with my work.

I can explain why I have chosen specific textiles.

I can measure materials to use in a model or structure.

I can describe the ingredients I am using.

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 3 Designer

I can prove that my design meets some set criteria.

I can follow a step-by-step plan, choosing the right equipment and materials.

I can design a product and make sure that it looks attractive.

I can choose a textile for both its suitability and its appearance.

I can select the most appropriate tools and techniques for a given task.

I can make a product which uses both electrical and mechanical components.

I can work accurately to measure, make cuts and make holes.

I can describe how food ingredients come together.

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 4 Designer

I can use ideas from other people when I am designing.

I can produce a plan and explain it.

I can evaluate and suggest improvements for my designs.

I can evaluate products for both their purpose and appearance.

I can explain how I have improved my original design.

I can present a product in an interesting way.

I can measure accurately.

I can persevere and adapt my work when my original ideas do not work.

I know how to be both hygienic and safe when using food.

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 5 Designer

I can come up with a range of ideas after collecting information from different sources. 

I can produce a detailed, step-by-step plan.

I can suggest alternative plans; outlining the positive features and draw backs

I can explain how a product will appeal to a specific audience.

I can evaluate appearance and function against original criteria.

I can use a range of tools and equipment competently.

I can make a prototype before make a final version.

I show that I can be both hygienic and safe in the kitchen.

Design & Technology Targets - A Year 6 Designer

I can use market research to inform my plans and ideas.

I can follow and refine my plans.

I can justify my plans in a convincing way.

I can show that I consider culture and society in my plans and designs.

I show that I can test and evaluate my products.

I can explain how products should be stored and give reasons.

I can work within a budget.

I can evaluate my product against clear criteria.