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Grenoside Primary

Data Collection Sheet

Data Collection Form

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Please give details of all persons who have parental responsibility and anyone else else you wish to be contacted in an emergency. Priority indicates the order that you wish for the to be contacted.

For example, John Smith/father

10 Street Name, City, Postcode/mobile number

Parental responsibility is defined in law as being the rights, duties, powers and responsibilities a parent has to their child and the child's property.


For example, John Smith/father

Street Name, City, Postcode/mobile number/name@email.com

Please deselect as appropriate

If 'Yes', please provide evidence

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, we need your permission before we can photograph or make recording of your child. Please tick in order to giver your consent. Students may be involved in events/activities/visits and the school may take photographs or film these to publish on website/media/promotional material/Twitter/Facebook or any other school publications. Data Protection Act 2018: The school is registered under the Data Protection Act for holding personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of the data with the Education Authority and with DfE.