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Grenoside Primary

Computing and Online Safety

At Grenoside Community Primary School,  we try to use computers and new technologies as much as possible to enhance our curriculum and help children learn key knowledge, skills and understanding. All classes have regular lessons per week in our specialist IT Suite or using iPads to develop their computing knowledge and skills. Using our resources, children can develop their creative computing skills to help them make their own movies, animations, create comics, compose music and more! 

In line with the National Curriculum and with support of Sheffield City Council, we have created our own scheme of work for computing. Children will learn knowledge and skills across a range of topics including coding and programming their own games and apps. There is also opportunity for them to develop and refine other computer life skills such as typing, word processing, data handling, creating and editing pictures etc. Central to all of the work covered is how to use the Internet in an effective way including how to keep safe online, protect our information and about cyber-bullying.